Yacht Skipper (PY)

Yacht Skipper Course (PY)

This title allows you to navigate boats up to 24 meters length and up to a maximum distance from the coast of 150 miles. To obtain this degree, you must first be in possession of the title of Skipper of Recreational Boats and pass the appropriate exam of this degree.
There are two modules that need to be approved: navigation module (navigation theory and nautical chart) and the generic module (safety at sea and meteorology).
This qualification would allow you, for example, to sail the entire Mediterranean.


  • Be in possession of the TITLE PER
  • Pass the appropriate theoretical exam
  • Perform 48 hours of basic safety and navigation practices
  • Pass a psychotechnical examination
PNB Patron de Navegacion Basica

Up to 24 meters length

Up to 150 miles from the coast

Day and night navigation

Jet skis

Provision of certain professional services

Allows tourist excursions and recreational fishing


  • Navigation practices for yacht skippers.
    Mandatory 48 hours. Current regulations stipulate that to obtain the title of yacht skipper, you must present a certificate from an approved school where you have performed the established navigation practices.
  • Sailing Habilitation Practice
    Optional 16 hours. The habilitation practice consists of 4 descents of 4 hours each. This allows you to steer sailboats. It serves for the titles PNB, PER, Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain, if you complete it for one title, it will be worth it for the others.

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