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Ideal cruising in Galicia

In Galicia there are plenty of beautiful rias, where navigation is easy. The region is blessed with inlets and dotted with inviting harbours and villages making it possible to weigh anchor in one harbour, stop in another for lunch, and continue on to a marina in a third village for the night.

Dreams of white sand beaches fringed with granite boulders warmed by the Galician sun makes for ideal cruising and, unsurprisingly, is a destination for charters as well as a favourite for staging when sailing across the Atlantic. An international gathering of yachts in every harbour with Irish, British, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Spanish flags flying.

Sail without stress, dozens of marinas and anchorages, short navigations between sheltered rias, with low or moderate tourist pressure even in summer. Just enjoy a genuine sailing trip.

Light thermal winds inside rias and moderate northerly winds are predominant from spring to autumn.

This coast has an Atlantic maritime climate, with dry and sunny summers and wet and warm winters.

Great seafood, and a plethora of restaurants enable you to make a wide range of choices for fine eating after an enjoyable day’s sailing.

Due to the proximity to Portugal, sailing the two countries in a week is another great option.

Our friendly, highly experienced staff are waiting to hear from you and look forward to welcoming you to Galicia and enjoy sailing on our boats maintained to the highest levels with your safety in mind.

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Galicia Essentials

They used to say that our coastline
was the end of the world, but before
getting lost in the Atlantic Ocean
that was believed to be infinite, we
invite you to discover a universe
that will awaken your five senses…


Galician Rias

If there is an endless sound in Galicia, it is surely the never-ending beat of the sea against the rocks, so rough a sea, once the home of mermaids, that even the bravest of sailors found it at some time or other hard to master. ..


Lighthouses and wild beaches

In Galicia the sea outlines a unique landscape along its 1,200 kilometres of coastline. The beauty of its rias, or estuaries, together with its unique cultural heritage is linked to the fascinating world of the sea and fishing, and a rich gastronomy based on the delicacies that the ocean provides…


Marine Tourism

The most singular trait of the coast of Galicia is the presence of the estuaries. These arms of sea that enter the continent, creating a broken-up coastline...