JULIO VERNE NAUTICA was created amidst the passion for the sea, pursuing a local sailors dream: show Galicia`sea to the world through the most privileged vehicles to enjoy nature: Sailboats.

Our sail area, NW of Spain was end of the world known during many centuries, still today, cape Finisterre  is a nautical myth  for blue water sailors around the world.

In Galicia, in addition to adventure, you will find 800 miles of magnificent coastline archipelagos and 18 shelter stuaries called rias creating a nautical paradise for sailing without comparison in the whole world for beauty, accessibility and easeness of navigation. Dozens of marinas, protected anchorages, National nature parks, world heritage sites and the largest number of blue flag beaches in Europe await your discovery.

Sailing in Galicia is one of the most amazing destinations to enjoy a boat trip for all navigation skills.

From the passion that motivates us, we are assisted by a true willingness to respond professionally to all our challenges. We look forward and seek in every day the excellence of service and the transparency of relationship, whose sole objective is the complete satisfaction of every Customer, Partner and Friend. 

We truly value your opinion and it would be of high importance to us if you could share with us your thoughts and suggestions on everything that surrounds us. It will definitely help us improve our global level of care and service. All our yachts are fully-owned at pristine maintenance condition!

Sincerely yours,

Iván Pérez-Gándaras Lacarcel